Oulsnam Design Group International

Oulsnam Design Group International was formed as a Consortium to establish a consultancy service to international clients to provide a full range of professional services based on exciting new concepts, stunning designs, and advanced technology, to achieve our clients’ highest aspirations. We aim to provide affordable and innovative concepts developed by the growing science of market-driven design. Supporting our design concepts are advanced planning systems and economic databases for project budgeting and quality control, which interface with today’s most sophisticated marketing strategies to establish and advise on a range of financing methods.

Areas of Specialisation

Hotels & Restaurants
Spanish Developments
Design and Project Management
Master Planning, Infrastructure and Transportation
New Technology and Futurist Concepts
Interior Branding and Supplies
Introduction of Corporate Businesses and Brands
Marketing and Business Strategies
Facility Management and Training

Development Projects

Government, Educational and Cultural.
Leisure, Entertainment and Gaming.
Hotels, Catering and Tourism.
Multi-use Communities.
Leisure Parks and Fantasy Destination Resorts.
Technology and Business Parks.

Our projects can range from inner-city regeneration schemes working with Government bodies, through to new destination projects for sophisticated corporate groups which include business parks, corporate offices and total communities featuring exotic shopping, hotel complexes, leisure and entertainment, luxury housing, golf, and marinas, creating multi-themed attractions.

It is our view that economic value derives from property identifying long-range trends and needs. For example, fibre-optic and laser satellite systems will touch every corner of society with irresistible user-friendly technology. Enormous investments have already been committed to vast new global communications, information and entertainment systems. New concepts will need to meet the escalating aspirations of today’s business and tourism needs, and by incorporating long-range trends, marketing strategies, and leading-edge designs, this will ensure our client’s success on future projects.